• Rock Chip Repair

    At Rock Chip Windshield Repair, we look to repair your windshield first. This is a great savings to you since most insurance companies will waive your deductible entirely on a rock chip repair. This means there is no out of pocket expense to you at all!

    How Rock Chip Repair Works

    Windshield RepairAll automotive windshields sold in the US are made of "laminated safety glass." Your windshield is two pieces of glass laminated with thin layer of plastic sandwiched in between them. If a rock hits your windshield and damages it, we can seal it with our rock chip repair system before it cracks requiring you to purchase a windshield. (Rock chips must meet certain criteria to be repairable.) The repair system we use is a "vacuum system" and has been successful all over the country for over a decade. The system removes the air from the rock chip and seals it with a clear resin preventing the chip from turning into a crack. This whole process can be completed in about 15-20 minutes. We can also repair cracks up to 6 inches...the size of a dollar bill.

    dollar = 6 inches

  • What We Can Repair



    Bull's Eye



    bulls eye

  • Mobile Repair Service

    Mobile Repair Mobile Service for Quality Auto Windshield Glass Rock Chip Repair!!! If your vehicle's windshield has gotten some rock chips from summer travel, you'll want to call Vancouver's "Rock Chip Windshield Repair." We are a locally based mobile auto glass repair service. Rock chips will sometimes have splinters or circles like a bull's eye and can often start larger cracks in your auto glass. By getting a rock chip repaired, you may not be able to get all of your clarity back, but you will be able to re-bond the glass so the crack does not spread.

    In extreme hot or cold, rock chips tend to start to spread through the glass. A perfect example is when you get in your hot car and turn on the air conditioner. When a crack exceeds the length of a dollar bill, the windshield will require replacement, which normally costs 3-5 times the price of the rock chip repair. This is why timely rock chip repair is more important in the summer and winter. There is no real way to tell if or when a rock chip will start to spread. Before it starts to spread, you'll really want to take action unless you want to pay more. Read More...

  • A Message From The Owner, Bill Jackson

    Bill Jackson

    My company differs from ordinary windshield repair companies in four important ways:

    1. I specialize in "repair-only." Over 95% of the windshields we look at are repairable. We don't "bait" you with a promise of a repair, then try to "switch" you to a new windshield.

    2. My experienced technicians have done over 20,000 repairs using only the finest repair resins available. We've only had 1% of these repairs spread further after we've repaired them.

    3. I'll do everything possible to repair your windshield within 48 hours of your call - or if you're outside of my service area - I'll gladly refer you to another honest, competent windshield repair company.

    4. I guarantee every repair 100%. This means you hire our services risk free. If something should go wrong with your repair and it is within the warranty we will repair or issue a full refund. In most cases, insurance companies will waive your deductible, leaving you with a free repair.

  • Testimonials

    Mr. Jackson has worked with Concord Mitsubishi for many years and has always provided quality service in a timely and professional manner
    Casey Arata
    General Sales Manager
    Concord Mitsubishi
    Bill from Rock Chips has been coming to our dealership since 1995 and has been doing a great job for us.
    Michael Whang
    Crown Dublin
    We have been using Rock Chip Repair for more than 5 years. In that time we have experienced quality service that is on time and professional.
    Michael Foley
    Central Contra Costa Transit
    Mr. Jackson has been taking care of our used cars for the last 5 years. I have found him to be honest, very fair on price, and have never had a complaint from the work he does. He is prompt and comes every week at the same time. Very reliable and a pleasure to do business with.
    Terry Walsh
    Broadway Volkswagen
Rock Chip Windshield Repair